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Baseball Cards

Baseball Cards

A look at the origins of baseball cards and why they are still popular with collectors.

In the beginning: The story of modern baseball cards and where they came from

The history of baseball cards begins in 1847 when two men in North Philadelphia, a cigar maker and a pharmacist named John Montgomery Ward, introduced the sport of baseball to America.

Ward, who spent his summers playing baseball with local teams at the Philadelphia Racecourse, brought home a batch of cards for his wife — “We have had no cards but we want some,” he wrote in his 18

Baseball cards are one of the most collectible items, but if you’re a parent, you might not be able to bring your children to your local comic book/ card store because they might be too young.

If you don’t believe that card collecting will be a hobby for young children, consider how many years it took these people to collect!

If you’re a collector of baseball cards – the official name for baseball memorabilia that includes cards and player profiles, especially for the players that played in the National League – you understand why baseball cards are one of the most collectible items.